Industrial partitions

Industrial partitions: sustainable quality for industrial use

Euromaas offers premium partitions for industrial use. We provide customised solutions and meet the highest safety requirements in accordance with NEN EN ISO 14120:2015.

Sustainable and economical: Euromaas partitions and mesh panels

Our partitions are not only known for their affordability, but also for their excellent quality. At Euromaas we produce various types of partitions, including sheet walls and mesh walls, suitable for different stability classes. Our assortment comprises doors and all accessories required. We have been serving diverse customers in machine construction, warehouse layout, engineering and logistics for many years.

Versatility of mesh panels

The options and applications of Euromaas mesh panels have been expanded and comprise, for instance, machine-shielding, where mesh panels serve as protective barriers around machines. In addition, they are used as partitions in warehouses and production facilities, so as to more efficiently arrange space, without reducing the light and the air circulation. Mesh panel systems with mesh panels offer a reliable protection at height, whereas mesh racks are used for optimised storage of materials in various industries.

Standard assortment and Customisation partitions

Our standard assortment offers various mesh panels, Euroflex panels, sheet panels, revolving doors, sliding doors, stands and corner joints in different sizes and mesh widths. In addition to these standard options, we also provide customisation. Are you in doubt about the feasibility of a specific idea? Feel free to present it to us. We will always find a suitable solution that meets all the standards.

NEN EN ISO 14120:2015 certified

At Euromaas we attach a lot of value to safety. Our partitions and accessories meet the highest safety standards NEN EN ISO 14120:2015. These standards are crucial for the manufacturing of new machines and users of existing equipment who wish to install new safety solutions.

Modular industrial partitions and mesh panels: endless possibilities

Euromaas specialises in customisation. Our modular industrial partitions are tailor-made and, thanks to the modular character, they offer various opportunities. For instance, doors and walls will be easily relocatable in the future. Our experienced assembly team is ready for installation at your location.

Benefits of Euromaas partitions and mesh panels

  • Flexibly applicable
  • Sustainable quality
  • Tailor-made
  • Neatly finished
  • Without sharp edges
  • Easy assembly
  • Competitive prices
  • Swift delivery
  • Dutch manufacture

Contact us for more information

Partition wall for industrial use? A Customisation solution for industrial shielding? We will be happy to support you. Contact our advisors for non-committal advice or more information. We will always ensure a suitable solution. Contact us via +31 (24) 645 45 12.