Mesh racks and shelf dividers

Mesh racks and shelf dividers: useful and versatile

Mesh racks and shelf dividers by Euromaas come in various types, load grades and prices. These are excellently suitable for small and large goods. Whether it concerns warehouse racks in cold stores, freezer storages or warehouses with a temperature above 0 °C, our racks and shelf dividers offer a reliable solution. Each rack was accurately finished, guaranteed to be free of sharp edges and could even serve as an effective mesh panel. The open structure improves the safety, ventilation and light. In addition, the optimal permeability for water meets all requirements that could possibly be set by the fire brigade, for instance if you have a sprinkler installation.

Euromaas is a competitive, flexible Dutch manufacturer. We quickly supply customised products at competitive prices.

Mesh racks Euromaas B.V.

Benefits of Euromaas mesh racks and shelf dividers

  • Translucent: Fosters a bright work environment.
  • Water permeable: Meets all the requirements from the fire brigade and sprinkler installation.
  • No sharp edges: Guaranteed safety by means of edge wire principle.
  • No deformation: Retains the shape, even in case of heavy loads.
  • Are not subject to sagging: The frame offers sustainability and stability.
  • Various types and designs: Aligned to Various applications.
  • Maintenance-free: Minimal effort for a maximum lifespan.
  • Excellent service: Customer satisfaction is our core value.

Specifications and colours of our racks

Euromaas manufactures wire racks and shelf dividers in any desired Ral-colour and mesh width. Galvanising is also possible. For direct supply, we can deliver the simple ‘waterfall’ wire racks (880 mm x 1,100 mm) with a load capacity of 500 kg or 800 kg, from stock. Other measurements require a somewhat longer delivery time.

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Mesh racks and shelf dividers: optimal use of space

Mesh racks and shelf dividers are versatile storage solutions that are used in different branches, to efficiently make use of the available space. These racks consist of mesh racks that can create multiple location by use of the shelf dividers.

Mesh racks Euromaas B.V.

Customisation and sustainability

Euromaas offers customised products that can be delivered quickly and cost-effectively. The mesh racks are resistant to heavy load without sagging or deforming. This ensures a reliable application and increases the safety of your staff in the workplace. Obviously, you can rely on excellent service and adequate advice.

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