Mesh decks

Mesh decks: optimal protection with Euromaas

Solid mesh decks is essential in warehouses and at logistic service providers, where safety and efficiency go hand in hand. Preventing accidents and material damage is crucial for the continuity of the organisation. Mesh decks offers safety in environments where large quantities of goods are stored and relocated. Particularly in warehouses with automatic trucks, mesh decks are invaluable, because they strongly reduce risks related to automated storage systems.

Euromaas mesh decks, manufactured in Wijchen

Our mesh decks are smart and sophisticated products that are manufactured in our own factory in Wijchen. It is a common choice of warehouse designers, logistic service providers and purchasers of mesh products. What makes our mesh decks rather popular is the ingenious and time-saving system that we developed: the special rear mesh.

Mesh decks Euromaas B.V.

Rear mesh for additional safety

For purpose of additional safety, we offer you special rear mesh. The mesh walls and mesh decks are made of high quality steel and are suitable for small, medium-sized and large warehouses, with manually operated or fully automated storage. In addition, our products always have a nice appearance, without disturbing elements. The rear mesh comes in various designs, colours and price ranges.

Features and benefits of Euromaas mesh decks:

1. Flexibly applicable: Our mesh walls are suitable for warehouses of different sizes, whether they are operated manually or are fully automated.

2. Independent of Girder arrangement: You needn’t worry about the girder arrangement of your warehouse. Our mesh decks will adapt, regardless the configuration.

3. Safety: Safety comes first. Our mesh walls and mesh decks are manufactured from premium steel and will protect goods against damages, while they offer people a safe work environment.

4. Swift Assembly: Time is precious. Our mesh decks can be assembled quickly and easily, so your warehouse can soon be secured, swiftly and efficiently.

5. Extremely High Quality: We do not compromise on quality. Our mesh decks meet the highest standards and were designed to provide long-lasting protection.

6. Low Rates: Quality is not necessarily expensive. Euromaas offers affordable, top quality mesh decks.

7. Various Designs: Our mesh walls are available in different designs, colours and price ranges.

Mesh decks Euromaas B.V.

Make an appointment for mesh decks

If you are looking for an appropriate solution for the protection of your staff and goods, then make an appointment now, via +31 (24) 645 45 12. We will be happy to provide you with advice regarding our mesh decks.