Euromaas, supplier as well as partner for assembly

At Euromaas we are convinced that the success of your industrial projects not only depends on premium products, but also on professional assembly and installation. We offer a total solution that starts in our own factory and ends with expert assembly on location. Whether it concerns machine shielding, industrial partitions, mesh decks, or mesh racks, Euromaas is the place to go if you wish to make your workplace or production environment a lot safer.

Assembly of your project is our expertise

Our assembly teams are ready to see to the installation of our products at your location. We ensure a seamless integration of our products in your operating environment.

Euromaas assembly service: an economical investment

The quality of the assembly is just as important as the quality of our products. Our technicians hold a wealth of technical expertise and experience in the area of machine shielding and industrial mesh panels.

Why go for the Euromaas assembly service?

1. Experience and professionality: Our technicians are quite experienced in the assembly of machine shielding and industrial mesh panels, fall protection and mesh racks. From small installations to large-scale projects, they are thoroughly knowledgeable about the products and are familiar with all kinds of applications and work environments.

2. Technical skill: Our products are installed on different types of floors, such as concrete, tarmac, C-Dur floors, computer floors and even carpets. Our technicians have technical knowledge and understand the nuances of each type of floor, ensuring your installation to perfectly match with the environment.

3. Commitment to quality: We strive for perfection during each assembly. Our technicians operate with an eye for detail and precision, to make sure that each project meets the highest quality standards.

Making use of our technicians means that you can rely on correct assembly, regardless the complexity of the project. We take these activities off your shoulders, so you can concentrate on your core business. Very efficient.

Choose Euromaas as your assembly partner and enjoy:

  • Expert technicians with proven experience.
  • Swift and efficient installation.
  • Full attention to quality and safety.
  • Customisation solutions that meet your needs.


Customisation solutions industrial partitions, mesh panels and mesh decks

With Euromaas, not only do you make use of premium products, but also the convenience and the reliability of smooth and professional assembly.

More information about assembly by Euromaas?

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